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Extra - 10 Pack (1 Box) - Rockin' Raspberry Lime

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  • Title: Extra - 10 Pack (1 Box) - Rockin' Raspberry Lime
  • Weight: 1.1 lb
  • Count: 10
  • Flavor: Rockin' Raspberry Lime
  • Manufacturer: Wrigley
  • UPC: 0022000285600


  • 10 Packs of Extra - Rockin' Raspberry Lime
  • 1 Box


  • Sorbitol, gum base, glycerol, flavors, hydrolyzed hardened starch, flavors, sweetener aspartame (contains a source of phenylalanine), malic acid, emulsifier soy lecithin, sweetener mannitol, citric acid, sweetener potassium acesulfame, preservative E321.


The following flavors of Wrigley Extra gums are appreciated for their intense, natural flavors - it is no different with the latest Wrigley Extra Rockin "Raspberry Lime flavor!

Sunny sweet, delicious and aromatic raspberries and sour lime - enjoy their great taste at any time, just reach for the delicious Wrigley Extra Rockin "Raspberry Lime gum.
A small package (6 pieces) of soluble gums with a sweet fruity taste provides an average of 90 kcal, mostly from sugar; when you reach for Extra Sweet, you keep chewing pleasure and a juicy taste, without unnecessary sugar and calories.

No sugar, no calories - the pleasure of dessert without unnecessary calories!