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Blunt Effects Spray 1oz - 18 Pack (1 Box)

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Product Details:

  • Title: Blunt Effects Spray 1oz - 18 Pack (1 Box)
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Count: 18
  • Manufacturer: BLUNTLIFE
  • UPC:


  • 18 1 oz Bottles of Blunt Effects Spray - 1 Box


Blunteffects Long Lasting Hand-Dipped Incense 18 Pack Display. These hand-dipped incense sticks burn for up to 45 minutes to fill any space with your favorite scent. Intense Smelling Concentrated Incense Sticks. After a long day, relaxing & unwinding is a bliss. To enhance your relaxation, burn Blunteffects Hand-dipped Incense!